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Q: I forgot/lost my ID, can I still get in? 

A: No.  You must have the following forms of ID to enter.

  • – State / government Issued ID
  • – Passport
  • – Temporary paper ID (within 60 days of issuance)

Q: How do I claim Will Call / Guest list tickets?

A: Bring any of the valid forms of ID mentioned above, and IF you’re on the list YOU’RE IN!

Q: Do you allow animals or service animals? 

A: While we cannot deny a service animal.  Our events are typically TOO LOUD for any animal.  Sounds above 85dB are damaging to hearing, especially animals.  Please be responsible with your four legged friends, or no legged..  No snakes either.  

Q: I turn 21 next Saturday, can you let me in tonight? 

A: See you next week!  

Q: Can I pay at the door?  

A: Most of the time, YES.  However, some events are not solely brought to you by The Rock and may not accept debit/credit transactions at the door.  The bar accepts debit/credit but, we DO NOT have a working ATM.  So ask ahead if an event is cash only entry, it usually says on the flyer.  

Q: Oh no!  I forgot cash!  Can I get cash back at the bar?

A: No.  It’s a bar not a bank.  

Q: Can I bring my purse in?  

A: Bags that are clear plastic or vinyl and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”, small clutch bags approximately 5” x 7”.  (About a gallon Zip-Loc size or smaller)


Q: Is there seating?  Can I reserve some?

A: We do have some table & booth seating.  Some events do offer reserved seating, otherwise it is first come first serve.  

Q: What is the venue capacity?

A: 300


Please view the Tech Specs page and scroll to the bottom to view the FAQ from our FOH staff.

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